Side Session 1

Player Characters:
1.Elijah Dunham – Human – Wizard 1 Fighter 1

Notable NPCs:
1. Lasym Parre (Alive)
2. Cyrus (Alive)
3. Gesalt (Alive)
4. Reya (Alive)

Locations Visited
1. Eli’s Shack
2. The Market Docks
3. Inn near bridge to Highgarden

Elijah Dunham
Disenchanted Lock – 30 XP
Fought Zombie Mob – 100 XP
Located Cemetery – 20 XP
Delivery Complete – 20 XP
Compelling Dialogue – 30 XP, Inspiration

Player Recap
by Player Name

DMs Notes

Session 1, Florence Group

Player Characters:
1.Ettin K – Human Fighter 1
2.Edric – Dwarf Wizard 1

Notable NPCs:
1.Justice Grant Amos
2.Lord Ezra Stark
3.Ser Ames Skyne

Locations Visited
1. Highgarden Courthouse
2. Watergate Prison
3. The Salty Seaman
4. The Smashed Beaver

Ettin K
Escape from Prison – 60 Exp, 63gp, 12ep, 7sp, 12cp, Set of Guard Armor, 8 Roze Quartz
Get to The Barrows – 30 Exp

Escape from Prison – 60 Exp
Get to The Barrows – 30 Exp

Player Recap
by DeathDark

My name is Ettin, Ettin K, and I’m a fugitive.

After arriving in Azurehart some months ago, I found free board in a local inn owned by an older Dragonborn couple. I, of course, repaid their kindness with favors, usually revolving around my planning skills and my strength. Utilizing these, I’ve survived in this city rather comfortably.

Until the Watch showed up.

I was arrested and bound like an animal before being drug through the streets and put on trial for a crime I didn’t commit. It was clear from the start that I was being framed with no chance to defend myself — my fate was inevitable.

But there was another with me. We ended up in prison, convicted, of course. Their fault was putting us where we could coordinate. After his failed attempt to steal the guard’s keys, I decided to help by way of distracting the guard. I called out to the guard, chiding him for his part in this conspiracy, and he simply showed complacence, knowing his part in this plot yet finding no honor within him to fight against it.

So I killed him. I was stunned at first, taken aback by the sheer dishonor, the sheer corruption that had been allowed to seep into the very system of justice in this city. But those emotions turned to rage and I began to yell at him, crying out in draconic, spouting obscenities, letting him feel my rage at him, at the system, at the society that allowed such corruption. He struck out at me through the bars, and I wrenched the club from his hand and struck him deftly. The dwarf, my companion, lit the fellow aflame.

I got the keys from the body, took his armor, and shoved his head in the shitter, where it belonged. I freed the dwarf and handed him the club.

Searching the hall, I found another poor soul, beaten nearly to death. I did my best to aide him, but moved on. The next room over had two more guards. I walked into the room, walking as I did when I led armies against the dragons, and they paid me no mind. I grabbed a longsword from the wall and approached their table.

The first’s head landed before him on the table. The dwarf lit the second aflame in his start, and I drove the sword through his chest.

The dwarf geared up, and we made our way through the prison, even retrieving our gear, without incident. Upon exit, I suggested we part ways and meet in the barrows.

My journey was uneventful, apart from happening on a group of rats, and we made a plan to track down the judge from our trial. He was inevitably a part of the conspiracy, and so he shall be the first. If he shows regret for his role, I will spare him. Otherwise, I shall purge him from this land.

I was imprisoned for murder. They will have their murders. This city will be purged.

DM’s Notes

As the two walked out of the prison, two guards were bringing in a prisoner who was struggling quite a bit. He managed to break free from the guards, however Ettin K tripped him as he ran for the door. The guards restrained him and Ettin and Edric continued on their way.

As they crossed the bridge leading from Watergate Prison, a group of six guards that were dressed a little differently passed them heading towards the prison. They paid each other no mind as they passed.

Edric fell into a little more trouble attempting to reach The Barrows. He attempted to sneak through the alleyways but stumbled out in front of a pair of guards, one of which recognized him. Edric cast a sleep spell on them, but it only got one of them. The other chased him through the alleyways, trading shots at each other as they ran. The guard got a lucky shot, almost felling Edric. But the Dwarf persevered, and managed to escape by destroying an overhead walkway and having it fall on the pursuing guard.

The party decided to rest at separate locations to avoid suspicion.


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