Azurehart is an independent City State on The Sapphire Isles off the coast of Vinorod. Composed of two main islands and two smaller ones, this small country is the home of 50,000 people.

Being almost equidistant from Felone, Ginoveris, and Helonde, Azurehart is a major trade hub dealing in all manner of goods: Silk from The Linde Dominion, Gold from the mines of The Kingdom Beneath the Mountain, Baronthel, and farm animals from The Gerendal Republic. With so much traffic passing through Azurehart from all across the region, it’s no surprise that it is the most diverse city in the world. All races are represented roughly equally.

The districts of Azurehart are clearly divided, both by geography and class. The northernmost island of Azurehart is Highgarden, the home of the upper class and government of the state. Immediately south of that is The Market, where the majority of the international trade occurs. This district is composed of homes, stores, and trade markets. The Southmost island of the city is The Barrows where the lower class resides.

Buildings in Highgarden are constructed mostly of stone and ornate wood. Many dwellings are large single family dwellings that span multiple stories. The Market is composed of entirely wooden buildings with steel reinforcements. The Barrows is packed to the brim with dilapidated structures piled towards the sky. They say it’s possible for a skilled man to go all the way from the Navy yards to the southern tip of The Barrows entirely by walking the rooftops.

it is governed by a Tribunal elected from the upper class. Elections are held every year in which they replace one member of the Tribunal. (In the past 20 years, only 4 individuals have held a seat on the Tribunal)


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