Vampire Template

When a character becomes a vampire, apply the following:

Character becomes Undead
All current and future Hit Dice increase to 1d12
Base AC improves by +4
Strength improves by +2
Dexterity improves by +2
Constitution improves by +2
Charisma improves by +2
One additional Ability Score from above gains an additional +2 based on the character

The character gains the following features:

Blood Drain
The vampire must grapple an opponent. If it succeeds, deal 1d6 piercing damage and regain 5 temp HP for each round the creature remains grappled. If the target is reduced to 0 HP by this attack, it has a 1 in 10 chance of becoming a vampire.

Command Creature
As an action, a vampire can dominate any lesser creature once per day. The creature must make a Wis save, if it fails it falls under the command of the vampire for up to 1 hour.

Alternate Form
A vampire can assume a misty form as an action. While in it’s alternate form, the vampire loses the ability to cast spells or use weapons, gains a fly speed of 40, gains advantage on all dexterity saving throws, and all incoming attacks have disadvantage.

Vampiric Weakness
A vampire must feed on living blood once a day or else it suffers a -2 loss to all ability scores for each day it does not feed.

A vampire cannot enter direct sunlight willingly. If it is caught in sunlight, it becomes disoriented and can only take a move action. Every turn the vampire begins in direct sunlight, it loses 1/4 of it’s max hp. If a vampire dies from this damage, it is permanently destroyed.

A vampire is unable to enter a private residence unless invited in by someone with authority to do so.

A Vampire is instantly reduced to 0 HP by driving a stake through its heart. It will return to life if the stake is removed unless the body is destroyed.

Vampire Template

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